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Office: 541-737-5656

Strand Agriculture Hall

Strand Agriculture Hall 441

170 SW Waldo Place

170 SW Waldo Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

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Elizabeth Webb was born in the Black Hills of South Dakota and spent early childhood there before spending her schooling years in Santa Fe, New Mexico.  She spent five years working for the New Mexico licensing board for engineers and land surveyors.

She came to Oregon State University in 1982, as assistant to the Chair of the (then) Department of Atmospheric Sciences in Strand Agriculture Hall.  Eight years later she joined the College of Agricultural Sciences, becoming the programs manager for the Academic Programs Office for ten years, delivering programming and scholarships to students.  In 2001, Liz entered into a new responsibility working on Oregon Invests!, the online research and Extension accountability system the college has used since 1992 to tell the story of the work the College does in research and Extension for the benefit of Oregonians and beyond. 

Perhaps Webb as a last name had something to do with it, Liz has had a long-term interest in matters pertaining to the Web ever since she first saw it.  It eventually became a formal part of her job to advance the web presence for the college.  She has overseen the conversion to a content management system, supervised production of over 23 videos that made the college site multi-media, and assists units of the college in upgrading their sites.  She has helped bring Pachyderm, a unique, interactive multimedia development tool to the faculty to create engaging online learning modules.

Knowing the benefits of coaching first hand, Liz has taken training and is part of the cadre of coaches at OSU who are available to others who want to receive performance coaching.   Liz has, for many years, worked on various committees and efforts to promote inclusivity and diversity.

On the personal side, Liz has raised three daughters, Kelly, Robin and Laura, adopted son-in-law, Tyler, and welcomed grandchildren Erin, Jack and Miles.   She especially enjoys spending time with her family and friends, cooking Northern New Mexico cuisine, reading, writing, art and conspiracy theories.