James Mc Iver

Associate Professor (Sr Res)
James.McIver [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: 541-562-5396
Other: 541-910-0924
Fax: 541-562-5348

EOARC - Union Exp Sta

EOARC-Union Experiment Station PO Box E

EOARC-Union Experiment Station
PO Box E
Union, OR 97883-0440

Forest and Range Ecology and Management & Insect Ecology

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EOARC - Union Exp Sta
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Journal Article

J. McIver, THORP, R. O. B. B. I. N., and Erickson, K. L., Pollinators of the invasive plant, yellow starthistle ( Centaurea solstitialis ), in north-eastern Oregon, USA, Weed Biology and Management, vol. 91123155136650743372741869651206880365, no. 2, pp. 137 - 145, 2009.
M. Mc Innis and McIver, J., Timing of cattle grazing alters impacts on stream banks in an Oregon mountain watershed, Journal of Soil and Water Conservation, vol. 64, no. 6, pp. 394 - 399, 2009.


Journal Article

J. McIver and Mc Innis, M., Cattle Grazing Effects on Macroinvertebrates in an Oregon Mountain Stream, Rangeland Ecology & Management, vol. 60, no. 3, pp. 293 - 303, 2007.