Jessica Green

Senior Faculty Research Assistant I
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Office: 541-737-5456

Agricultural & Life Sciences

Agricultural & Life Sciences 4017

2750 SW Campus Way

2750 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Current research goals:
- Promote integrated weed and insect pest management options in vegetables, mint, and small fruits
- Engage agricultural producers to become aware of current and emerging crop pest problems, and work to develop solutions
- Enhance adoption of biological weed control by conducting objective, applied research to improve efficacy
- Evaluate and report differences in insect pest pressure, specifically for brassica seed crops and cruciferous vegetables

  • Analysis of factors contributing to insect pest activity

  • Insecticide resistance (IR) and efficacy trials including:

    • Cabbage maggot control in radish

    • Screening for IR in diamondback moth

  • Herbicide efficacy and crop tolerance trials including:

    • Liverwort control in greenhouses (IR-4)

    • Ornamental horticulture, nursery stock

    • Effects of bicyclopyrone on storage and bunch onions

  • Biological control of field bindweed and integration into perennial cropping systems 

  • MS Thesis: Post-dispersal seed predation by ground beetles; weed ecology in response to tillage

OSU Extension Publications:

2016 - Winter Cutworm: A New Pest Threat in Oregon (EM9139)

2015 - Home and Landscape Management (PNW Weed Management Handbook section T1)

2012 - An Introduction to Ground Beetles of the Willamette Valley (EM9042)

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