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Crop and Soil Science
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I accept graduate students for the Crop and Soil Science Department
I can serve on graduate committees
Beyond OSU

Dr. Gregg received her B.S. and M.S. in Biology at the University of Utah, her PhD. in Ecology and Evolutionary Biology at Cornell University, and did Postdoctoral research at the US EPA.  She then became the founding CEO of Terrestrial Ecosystems Research Associates (TERA), an ecological research group determining the impacts and feedbacks of human-caused climate change.

Climate change, pollutant impacts, and water relations research she has led include:

Non-climate change related research Dr. Gregg has led include water relations of mistletoe-host relationships in the desert southwestern US, and energy balance of leaf size and shape in relation to light and moisture tradeoffs in the tropical rainforests of Panama.

Dr. Gregg joined the OSU Sustainability Double Degree (SDD) program in fall 2015 to develop the course on Introduction to Climate Change (SUS 103).  This course attracts >1000 OSU students per year via on-campus and eCampus delivery.  She has also taught Introduction to Sustainability (SUS 102) both on campus and eCampus and has co-taught Ecology (BIO 350) and Stable Isotope Ecology (FS 499) at OSU.  Before coming to OSU she taught laboratory courses in Plant Ecology, Plant Physiological Ecology, and Introductory Biology at Cornell University and the University of Utah.

When Dr. Gregg is not teaching or doing research you will find her on her mountain bike, hiking, in the yoga studio, cooking/growing healthful food, and enjoying her new solar panels.

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