Jovana Kovacevic

Assistant Professor, Food Safety Extension and Research
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Food Innovation Center

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Food Innovation Center
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Food microbiology and safety, with emphasis on traditional and novel molecular microbiology and genomic approaches to study the mechanisms underlying pathogenesis, stress survival, persistence and antimicrobial resistance of foodborne pathogens. Extension activities focusing on FSMA training, education and outreach through the Western Regional Center to Enhance Food Safety, and food safety program initiatives at the Food Innovation Center.

My research interests are in the application of molecular methods and genomics in food safety. In particular, my lab researches how these methods and tools can be used to improve pathogen tracing, to advance our understanding of pathogen survival and contamination events in the farm-to-fork food chain, and to aid the development of targeted interventions. Current areas of interest include: i) survival, stress response mechanisms, and prevention of Listeria monocytogenes contamination in food processing environments; ii) antimicrobial resistance in the food chain; iii) pathogen stress survival and biofilms; and iv) understanding and prevention of foodborne outbreaks. As a coordinator of the FSMA’s Western Regional Center, I am also very much interested in working with food industry to develop effective food safety training, education and knowledge transfer initiatives.

Current and Recent Research Projects

  • Characterization of the Listeria genomic island 1 (LGI1) and the role of EmrE_Lm efflux pump in sanitizer resistance
  • Tracing of contamination and characterization of genetic properties of Listeria spp. recovered over a 10-year period in a dairy plant

Extension Program

  • Coordination of activities of the Western Regional Food Safety Center for FSMA training, education and outreach activities
  • Directing food safety program at the Food Innovation Center
  • Basic and advanced food safety training, consultations, and troubleshooting for the food industry

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