Kyle Harrison

Farm Manager
harrisky [at]

Office: 541-278-4352

Pendleton Station Farm Manager
Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center
48037 Tubbs Ranch Rd
Adams, Oregon 97810

541-278-4186 (Voice)

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Kyle attended Oregon State University where he graduated with a B.S. in Agricultural Sciences. He grew up on the family wheat ranch near Lexington, Oregon and worked as an OSU Student Technician on the Berry Creek/Soap Creek Beef Ranch. Following graduation he secured a position with Crop Production Services, where he expanded his knowledge of weed practices through identification and proper application needed for effective management.

Kyle received the position of Farm Manager at CBARC in June 2018, where his diverse experience, education, attention to detail, desire for personal excellence and excellent teamwork skills has made him a valuable asset to our team.

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