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Luguang Wang

Research Associate

Gilmore Hall

Gilmore Hall 227

124 SW 26th Street

124 SW 26th Street
Corvallis, OR 97331

Wastewater treatment; machine learning; bioelectrosynthesis, biochemistry, and  biohydrogen

Predicting the performance of anaerobic digestion using machine learning algorithms and genomic data

F Long, L Wang, W Cai, K Lesnik, H Liu Water Research 199, 117182, 2021

Scaling-up up-flow microbial electrolysis cells with a compact electrode configuration for continuous hydrogen production

L Singh, AG Miller, L Wang, H Liu Bioresource Technology 331, 125030, 2021

Performance prediction of ZVI-based anaerobic digestion reactor using machine learning algorithms

W Xu, F Long, H Zhao, Y Zhang, D Liang, L Wang, KL Lesnik, H Cao, ... Waste Management 121, 59-66 2021   Anaerobic reduction of high-polarity nitroaromatic compounds by electrochemically active bacteria: Roles of Mtr respiratory pathway, molecular polarity, mediator and membrane … X Xiao, XL Ma, LG Wang, F Long, TT Li, XT Zhou, H Liu, LJ Wu, HQ Yu Environmental Pollution 268, 115943 2021 Hydrogen production from lignocellulosic hydrolysate in an up-scaled microbial electrolysis cell with stacked bio-electrodes  L Wang, F Long, D Liang, X Xiao, H Liu Bioresource Technology 320, 124314 2021

Improved simultaneous decolorization and power generation in a microbial fuel cell with the sponge anode modified by polyaniline and chitosan

H Xu, L Wang, C Lin, J Zheng, Q Wen, Y Chen, Y Wang, L Qi Applied Biochemistry and Biotechnology 192 (2), 698-718 2020

Enhancing Hydrogen Production using Single Chamber Microbial Electrolysis Cells by Tackling Hydrogen Scavengers

L Wang 2020

Breaking the loop: Tackling homoacetogenesis by chloroform to halt hydrogen production-consumption loop in single chamber microbial electrolysis cells

L Wang, Y Chen, F Long, L Singh, S Trujillo, X Xiao, H Liu Chemical Engineering Journal 389, 124436 2020

Anaerobically photoreductive degradation by CdS nanocrystal: Biofabrication process and bioelectron-driven reaction coupled with Shewanella oneidensis MR-1

X Xiao, X Han, LG Wang, F Long, XL Ma, CC Xu, XB Ma, CX Wang, ... Biochemical Engineering Journal 154, 107466 2020

Accelerated tests for evaluating the air-cathode aging in microbial fuel cells

N Gao, Y Fan, L Wang, F Long, D Deng, H Liu Bioresource Technology 297, 122479 2020

Prediction of anaerobic digestion performance and identification of critical operational parameters using machine learning algorithms

L Wang, F Long, W Liao, H Liu Bioresource technology 298, 122495 2020

Impact of nano-TiO 2 on horizontal transfer of resistance genes mediated by filamentous phage transduction

X Han, P Lv, LG Wang, F Long, XL Ma, C Liu, YJ Feng, MF Yang, X Xiao Environmental Science: Nano 7 (4), 1214-1224 2020