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Massimo Bionaz

Associate Professor
massimo.bionaz [at]

Office: 541-737-9507

Weniger Hall

Weniger Hall 561

103 SW Memorial Place

103 SW Memorial Place
Corvallis, OR 97331

(1) Nutrigenomics in dairy cows: development of high-throughput systems to study nutrigenomics; fine-tuning the metabolism through nutrients; transcriptomic and epigenomic effects of long-chain fatty acids; and nutritional genomics during transition from pregnancy to lactation.

(2) Milk and human health: effects of milk on obesity and bone development/regeneration, especially considering  mesenchymal stem cells and micro RNA present in milk's exosomes; effect of milk miRNA on immune system 

(3) Welfare and management of dairy cows: significance and effects of inflammatory-like conditions during peripartum; development of an integrative welfare system for dairy farms; and relationship between management and animal welfare.

(4) Systems biology: further development of the Dynamic Impacts Approach for use with omics dataset from complex experimental design, such as time course and multiple treatments experiments.