Neil Bell

Professor (Practice), Community Horticulturalist
neil.bell [at]

Office: 503-373-3765

I oversee the Master Gardener program in Marion County and Polk County and work with my volunteers to assist homeowners with their garden problems.

My research interests involve evaluating evergreen shrubs for un-irrigated landscape applications in western Oregon. Since 2001, I have done evaluations of Ceanothus, Cistus and Halimium at the Oregon Garden in Silverton and at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center in Aurora. Currently, I am evaluating Grevillea and Arctostaphylos for hardiness, growth and flowering at NWREC. We have used the results from these evaluations to design low-input landscapes for the region that emphasize year-round ornamental appeal.

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Together with Dr. Jay Pscheidt, I developed and deliver an online course on plant problem diagnosis which was offered for the first time through E-campus in spring term 2012. The course is HORT 349, Diagnosis of plant problems-an introduction.


I was raised in Victoria B.C. and earned my B.S. degree from the University of British Columbia in Plant Science in 1990. I came to OSU to study Horticulture and received an M.S. in 1992. The research area for my Masters degree was berry crops, and the thesis looked at yield components of 'Marion' trailing blackberry.

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