Ricardo Mata-González

Interim Department Head
ricardo.matagonzalez [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: 541-737-1891

Withycombe Hall

Withycombe Hall 108

2921 SW Campus Way

2921 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

My research centers on rangeland vegetation and arid land plants. I am interested in studying the ecology, eco-physiology, and consumption of these plants as affected by different forms of management or environmental variation. My current research can be grouped in the following programs:

  • Water use and plant adaptations to drought
  • Utilization of organic amendments and mycorrhizal fungi in ecological restoration
  • Ecological impacts of livestock grazing
  • Carbon accumulation as affected by ecosystem management
  • Rangeland invasive plants/weeds (exotic annuals, juniper)

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Animal & Rangeland Sciences
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