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Susan Tilton

Associate Professor
susan.tilton [at]

Office: 541-737-1740

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Research Focus:  Mechanistic and computational toxicology, organotypic in vitro models, inhalation toxicology, chemical mixtures, predictive models, carcinogenesis

My lab's research program utilizes molecular and computational approaches to understand mechanisms of susceptibility from combined dietary and environmental factors in lung disease with the goal of identifying signatures and early biomarkers that are predictive of disease outcome.  We are also interested in understanding mechanisms of toxicity from complex environmental mixtures compared to their individual components.  We are currently developing a mechanism-based approach for the classification, prediction and integration of dose and time-dependent transcriptomic and proteomic data to model carcinogenic potential of chemical mixtures compared to traditional measurements (adducts, RPFs, etc.) using an in vitro 3D human lung tissue model. Our goal is to predict long-term effects of chemical carcinogens and environmental mixtures based on short-term markers. Another ongoing area of research for our lab is to understand the role of non-coding RNAs during carcinogenesis and whether miRNAs or their downstream targets can be used as early markers predictive of cancer outcome.