Thomas Chastain

Department Head; Professor
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Crop Science Building

Crop Science Building 109B

3050 SW Campus Way

3050 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

Seed Crop Physiology and Ecology

My research program has been focused on addressing problems that are of economic importance to producers of Pacific Northwest crops.  While the research is often directed at solving a practical problem or developing new applications of previous research, the work also serves a secondary goal of increasing our understanding of the underlying biological processes limiting greater economic and environmental efficiency of crop production.  The disciplinary approaches that have been utilized in the research program include agronomy, physiology, and ecology.

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Crop and Soil Science
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CROP 200 Crop Ecology and Morphology (On campus and Ecampus)

An introduction to the concepts and principles of crop ecology and morphology.  Examines the dynamics and function of crop communities, and the biotic and environmental interactions that influences productivity.  Fundamentals of the developmental morphology of crop seeds, seedlings, and plants.  Morphological features of seeds and plants in relation to the identification of crop families and species of economic importance.

CROP 460/560 Seed Production (On campus and Ecampus)

An introduction to principles and practices of seed-based genetic delivery systems.  Fundamentals of seed crop biology, cultivar maintenance, and production methods are stressed.  Concepts are illustrated using Pacific Northwest seed crops.

CROP 670 Physiology of Crop Yield (On campus only)

Concepts of crop growth and production in relation to environmental and physiological factors and their interactions; current literature.

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