A brief history of land acquisition at the Vegetable Farm

Farm map

1947: The earliest reference found, a survey of the 18-acre “old farm”, now know as the east farm

1957: Purchase of the 32 (plot) acres from Segmuller.  Location of the current lab buildings, barns and residence.  Now known as the west farm.

1973: Purchase of the SMith Farm, 23 acres plot ground, and residence.

1985: Donation of the 12 acres from Crop and Soil Science, land that includes the Oregon Electric Railroad right of way (rocks) and some poorly drained ground.

1991: Purchase of 8 acres from Harry Lagerstaedt (4 acres contiguous to Botany Farm)

2003: Purchase of 18 acres from Animal Science Department.  Efficient use contingent on purchase of 5 acres of private ground separating our parcels

2005: Gain of 5 acres from disbanded Entomology farm (also Entomology Building, but still being used by ex-entomology professors)

2007: Loss of entomology ground and 18 acres of old Dairy ground to the golf course

2010: Inherited 50 acres from Hyslop farm comprising hop yard and south to Highway 34


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