Organic No-Till Rotational Tillage Option: Weed 'Em and Reap Part 2


Weed 'Em and Reap Part 2: Reduced tillage strategies for vegetable cropping systems [DVD]. A. Stone. 2006. Oregon State University Dept. of Horticulture. Corvallis, Oregon. Available at: (verified 17 Dec 2008).


Ron Morse. Virginia Tech. Blacksburg, VA.

Audio Text

Rotational Tillage Option

There are two options to rotational tillage. One is to either purchase a no-till drill or borrowing or renting a spading machine. They are very effective in incorporating residues without disturbing the surface. They do leave a relatively good seed bed that would allow you to get a good stand.

Organic High Residue Reduced-Till System: Rotational Tillage Option