Lab Websites for Faculty

Wordpress, which is used by the university as its blogging platform for its faculty, staff and students, is also a powerful website builder tool. Don’t be turned off by its association with blogs; Wordpress is a content management system just like Drupal. It can function exactly like a website. We've written a comparison between Drupal and Wordpress for lab websites

  1. Either direct the faculty member to create a blog at, or create the blog for the faculty member.

  2. Choose a name that is your lab (/brown) or your research specialty (/sagegrouse)

  3. Using Pages instead of Posts, create pages for your lab site. Some common pages include About, Research, Publications, Lab Members.

  4. Make sure to assign your site the OSU Responsive Theme

Appearance > Themes > OSU Responsive

  1. Make sure to assign your site a Parent Unit/Child Unit Titles (for instance, College of Agricultural Sciences and Department of Horticulture)

Appearance > Customize > Parent/Child Unit Titles

  1. When your site is in good shape and ready to be shared with the public, contact the Cas Web Team and ask for a redirect. Your site will then be redirected to, giving you a more professional, non-blog URL.

  2. Cas Web Team member then contacts OSU Digital Experience and asks for the URL to be redirected.


Contact us to get started: