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Jovana Kovacevic
Associate Professor
Contact person by email Application of molecular methods and genomics in food safety; methods and tools to improve pathogen tracing of contamination events in the farm-to-fork food chain; stress response mechanisms, survival, and prevention of Listeria contamination.


Photo Person Contact Information Specialty Area
Stephanie Brown
Faculty Research Assistant
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Stephanie serves as a Food Safety Specialist at the Food Innovation Center. As a member of the Kovacevic lab, Stephanie works on projects related to the diverse research interests of the lab including...

Joy Waite-Cusic
Associate Professor
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Joy’s integrated food safety systems program combines research, teaching, and outreach to assist food production and processing industries (and consumers) in improving food safety to minimize foodborne illness.  Joy’s research program covers four thematic areas: (1) pre-harvest food safety, (2...