Oregon State University conducts world-class research on a rich array of environmental chemistry issues.  Environmental chemistry research is interdisciplinary, spread across a number of departments and faculty.


Faculty and Courses

Regional and global environmental and analytical chemistry of semi-volatile organic compounds

Chromatography, mass spectrometry, and novel methods of sample extraction and purification

Crop and Soil Science

Faculty and Courses

Nitrogen dynamics in forest ecosystems

Chemical weathering, soil formation, and biogeochemical cycling

Isotopic and trace element geochemistry

Environmental and Molecular Toxicology

Faculty and Courses

Fate and transport of organic chemicals in subsurface environments

Environmental forensic chemistry

Systems approach to Oregon food safety, environmental stewardship and agricultural quality

Environmental Engineering

Faculty and Courses

Biological processes for the treatment of hazardous wastes

Fate and transport of organic contaminants in the environment

Physical/chemical processes for the removal of particles from water and wastewater


Faculty and Courses

Biogeochemistry of forest ecosystems

Nutrient cycling

Wood chemistry


Faculty and Courses

Role of natural organic matter in  aquatic environments

Transport, behavior, and fate of natural and pollutant organic matter in estuarine, coastal, and deep-sea environments

Benthic biogeochemistry; chemical sensor development