Get the most out of your experience by getting involved!

The College of Agricultural Sciences has over 30 clubs and activities that will help you find communities related to your interests, explore topics completely new to you, make contacts to find internships and jobs after graduation, and have a ton of fun along the way. Check out the options and opportunities below. 

To find out more about clubs, see their upcoming events, and register to become a member, visit Ideal-Logic.

Agribusiness Management Club

The mission of the Agribusiness Management Club is to discover and share knowledge of integrated/unified agricultural business systems.

The Agricultural Communicators of Tomorrow Club - a community for students interested in ag communications!


Alpha Gamma Rho

Alpha Gamma Rho is a social-professional fraternity bound by shared values and shared professions in agriculture, natural resources, and related fields.


The Applied Economics Academic Bowl Club meets weekly during the winter and spring terms to prepare for an annual national tournament held each summer.


OSU Birdnerds

OSU Bird Nerds is the student run ornithological club at Oregon State University.

Botany and Plant Pathology Club

The Botany and Plant Pathology Club is for undergraduate students who are interested in botanical, mycological, and plant pathological sciences.


The Bug Club is the official club for students and faculty interested in entomology at Oregon State University.


OSU Collegiate 4-H Club

Collegiate 4-H works to support Oregon 4-H programs statewide as well as to provide a source of community and fun for members.


Collegiate Farm Bureau engages students in learning, leadership, advocacy, and networking opportunities.


Crop Science Club

The purpose of the Crop Science Club is to provide a medium for study, investigation, and discussion of problems related to technical farm crops and crop problems of the farm.


The Dairy Club strives to provide educational activities for dairy youth and the general public, and works to serve the Oregon and national dairy industries.

The Ecological Engineering Student Society aims to get students involved in projects relevant to this field, reach out to faculty at the weekly meetings, and learn about exciting career opportunities during club field trips!


FarmHouse is an all-male international social fraternity with the mission to create a community of brotherhood that cultivates the potential of members, strengthen values and provide unique leadership and personal growth opportunities.


The Fisheries and Wildlife Club is a professional, non-profit, scientific, and educational association dedicated to excellence in fisheries and wildlife stewardship through science and education.


The Fisheries and Wildlife Graduate Student Association is a resource for fisheries and wildlife graduate students to enhance their education and enhance the community.


Members of the Food and Fermentation Science Club come from all different colleges and walks of life with one common passion: Food and Fermentation!


The Herpetology Club creates and supports interests in the scientific field of herpetology, while providing experience and volunteer opportunities to students.


The Horticulture Club is a place for students and staff from all majors to get together and plant seeds, garden, do nature art, visit major gardens in Oregon, and chat all things horticulture.


The International Agriculture Club is an official International Association of Students in Agriculture and Related Sciences (IAAS) USA Chapter club.


Law, Environmental Economics, Agriculture and Policy (LEAP) Club strives to build a collective of forward-thinking students who share an interest in exploring connections between law, agriculture, the environment, economics, and policy though interaction with academia, industry professionals, the OSU community, governments, and each other.


The Meat Science Club is for students interested in the processing, science, and consumption of meat products.

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences

Minorities in Agriculture, Natural Resources, and Related Sciences (MANRRS) provides a framework for the academic, professional and social development of underrepresented students in fields of agriculture, natural resources and related sciences.


The Mycology Club organizes events, forays, field trips, guest speakers, and workshops related to topics in the field of mycology, and exposes OSU students to the taxonomy, ecology, & economy of fungi.


Human Tillage

The Organic Growers Club is a volunteer student-run organic farm that has been around for the past 20 years.


The purpose of the Pre-Veterinary Medical Association (PVMA) is to further the knowledge of OSU students interested in the field of veterinary medicine.


The primary focus of the Range Club is to prepare students to compete in student events the annual Society for Range Management conference.

The Sheep and Goat Club aspires to provide students with an opportunity to experience the activities of sheep production as it would occur at various parts of the industry on any scale of production.

Sigma Alpha

Sigma Alpha is a national sorority that ​is dedicated to cultivating professional women for the agriculture industry.


Sigma Delta Omega is dedicated to supporting women in science through social engagement, encouraging academic excellence, and building relations with the Corvallis community.


Society For Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science

The Society for the Advancement of Chicanos/Hispanics and Native Americans in Science (SACNAS) is an inclusive club that serves to support students pursuing advanced degrees, careers, and professions in leadership in STEM.


Steer a Year

Students in Steer-A-Year learn about the beef cattle industry and all that it offers through hand-on experiences, classroom instruction, and networking.

Students for Cultivating Change

Students for Cultivating Change (SCC) exists to build a community for LGBTQ+ folk and allies within the College of Agricultural Sciences.


Team Tox logo

TEAM Tox aims to further enhance and diversify the educational experience of all Environmental & Molecular Toxicology graduate and post graduate trainees.