Awards & Accolades

Winter 2024

Volume XV, Issue 1

Awards and Accolades

Ramesh Sagili was appointment to serve on the new 9-member USDA National Pollinator Subcommittee appointed by the Secretary of Agriculture to advise the National Agricultural Research, Extension, Education, and Economics Advisory Board on pollinator research priorities.

2024 Barry Goldwater Scholarship nominees
Five from OSU nominated to compete nationally for the 2024 Barry Goldwater Scholarship
Joel received the "Innovation Award" from the Strategic Energy Management program sponsored by Energy Trust of Oregon

Please join us in congratulating Joel Miller for his "Innovation Award" from the Strategic Energy Management program sponsored by Energy Trust of Oregon

Joel was given this award for all of the work he creatively did behind the scenes to balance the energy needs of the building, especially as we transitioned all of the equipment and people out from ODA.  All of this was transparent to us in the building but again that makes it even more remarkable that our environment wasn't noticeably impacted!  This gives me the opportunity to point out how innovation shows up in many different ways for each of us, Joel isn't daily working on food but clearly helping us be leaders in calling ourselves the (Food ) Innovation Center!  Thanks, Joel for helping us be a leader amongst other companies that are participating in the SEM program.

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