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Gail Langellotto

gail.langellotto [at]

Office: 541-737-5175

Agricultural & Life Sciences

Agricultural & Life Sciences 4017

2750 SW Campus Way

2750 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

The ecology of urban and suburban landscapes remains relatively unexplored - although such habitats have great potential to positively contribute to the conservation of pollinators, parasitoids and the ecosystem services that they confer. 

I am helping to develop a better research-based understanding of how to design and sustainably manage urban greenspaces to maximize ecosystem services. I am particularly interested in urban biodiversity, and the ecosystem services of urban food production, pollination, and biological control. My outreach and science communication efforts are focused on communicating these and other research-backed management practices to gardeners, native plant professionals, landscapers, urban farmers, and others.


Visit the Garden Ecology Lab website, to learn more about our applied research in garden systems.