Leonard Coop

Associate Professor (Practice), Associate Director of the Oregon IPM Center
coopl [at] oregonstate.edu

Office: 541-737-5523

Cordley Hall

Cordley Hall 4021

2701 SW Campus Way

2701 SW Campus Way
Corvallis, OR 97331

I support agriculture in general by developing and placing online, weather and climate driven models for numerous areas including IPM/pest models, plant disease risk models, crop models, horticultural models, beneficial species models, climate suitability models, and others. I am Assoc. Director for Decision Support Systems at the Oregon IPM Center and supervisor for development of the website: USPEST.ORG.

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Beyond OSU

I develop pest and crop models and supervise development of the uspest.org online IPM pest, crop, and plant disease models and forecasting website. I am not supervising any students at this time.

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