Lloyd Nackley

Assistant Professor
nackleyl [at] oregonstate.edu

North Willamette Research and Extension Center

North Willamette Res & Ext Ctr 15210 NE Miley Rd

North Willamette Res & Ext Ctr
15210 NE Miley Rd
Aurora, OR 97002-9543

My research and teaching program investigates how light, nutrients, water, potting media and container-type, affect plant growth, development, and aesthetics.


Dr. Lloyd Nackley is a plant physiological ecologist who brings a systems approach to nursery and greenhouse management research and extension. His program will focus on developing sustainable production practices in an economy and environment characterized by uncertainty. Nackley brings over 20 years of horticulture experience from a wide range of activities, including public horticulture, landscape design and installation, ecological restoration, as well nursery and greenhouse management. Broadly, he is interested in how natural and controlled environments impact plant growth and development; and subsequently how these interactions influence management decisions, and societies’ ability to sustain essential ecosystem goods and services. His research supports production systems by quantifying, analyzing, and modelling biophysical conditions to provide increased efficiencies for given resources (e.g., water, nutrients, light) or predict detrimental thresholds given certain constraints (e.g., salinity, drought, temperature stress). 

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