Plant Pathology Diagnostic Laboratory Services

The Plant Pathology Laboratory on the Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center is dedicated to providing plant disease diagnostic services to the agricultural industry of the Columbia River Basin and to greater Oregon.  We employ traditional diagnostic techniques as well as modern technologies to diagnose diseases of crops being grown in the Pacific Northwest.  The laboratory is equipped to test for all manner of plant pathogens including viruses, fungi, and bacteria.  We also provide various specialty testing services for certain plant pathogens.  More information about the services the HAREC Plant Pathology Laboratory provides, please review OSU HAREC Plant Pathology Lab Testing Fees or contact Kenneth Frost, the Plant Pathology Laboratory manager, at 541-567-6337, ext. 105.

Plant or soil samples can be submitted to the lab by either bringing the sample directly to the HAREC Plant Pathology Lab or the HAREC Main office or by mailing samples to:

Kenneth Frost
OSU Extension Plant Pathology La
2121 South 1st Street
Hermiston, OR 97838

To make an accurate and timely disease diagnosis, it is important that plant disease samples being sent to the lab arrive in the best condition possible.  Please review Directions for Sample Submission to HAREC Plant Pathology Lab for proper preparation of samples being shipped to the lab.  Proper and timely diagnoses also require as much background information about the disease sample as possible.  It is important that a completed Plant Pathology Sample Submission form accompany all samples submitted to the Plant Pathology Lab.   Please download or print the OSU HAREC Plant Pathology Sample Submission Form, fill it out as completely as possible, and included it with samples.  Links to all forms can be found below. 



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Blossom end rot of tomato caused by calcium deficiency
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Pink rot of potato caused by phytophthora erythroseptica
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Iris yellow spot virus on an onion scape