Many College faculty create lab websites to communicate their research activities to stakeholders and to recruit students to their research programs. We enthusiastically support your digital communication efforts and are eager to provide guidance.

Oregon State University runs the majority of its websites on the Drupal content management system (CMS) platform. As a powerful, database-driven system, Drupal offers utmost flexibility. However, with that flexibility, you sacrifice ease-of-use.

OSU also offers the Wordpress platform, known mostly for blogs, but also a powerful, user-friendly way to create and maintain a website. While it is not as flexible as Drupal, Wordpress is a great option for websites with a limited number of pages, requiring little training to use. In addition, the College of Agricultural Sciences provides you with a branded version of Wordpress, located under the following URL:

You can choose between either Wordpress or Drupal to create a lab website:

Wordpress - Pros

  • Easy to use
  • Easy to assign new users privileges
  • Features for SEO, anaytics, and blogging are built in
  • OSU offers lots of plugins already installed
  • Can function like a website by using pages
  • Pasting text from Word is clean and easy

Drupal - Pros

  • More content types than Wordpress
  • Can share content with another Drupal site (sometimes)
  • Can have a vanity URL point to it
  • Can feature publications in an interactive form using Biblio module (Example

Wordpress - Cons

  • Only two content types - page and post
  • OSU doesn't offer access to all of the Wordpress plugins
  • URL will be under agsci-labs subdomain or domain
  • Publications are presented only in list form

Drupal - Cons

  • Requires custom development for many features
  • Requires more work to build and maintain
  • Requires expertise to customize
  • Pasting text from Word can get messy, can require HTML editing
  • Biblio module requires a lot of data entry to be useful

If you are going to manage the site yourself, it’s important to choose the CMS that best fits with your skills, time, and patience. Drupal requires technical knowledge or a dedicated site developer and coordinator; Wordpress is easier to set up and maintain. 

We're happy to meet with you to discuss which option is best for you and your users and provide you with guidance. For faculty choosing Wordpress, we will request space for you, assign a user, and provide one hour’s worth of training and content guidance. For faculty choosing Drupal, we will request a URL for you and provide you with a blank page to build from. And we ask that you attend Drupal training managed by OSU Digital Experience.


Contact us to get started: