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Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center was formed in 1994 when the Southern Oregon Experiment Station was combined with the Jackson County Extension Service.


In southern Oregon, a new generation of small-scale farmers works shoulder to shoulder with established orchards and start-up wineries. The Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center (SOREC) provides research-based programs for this active and growing community as they constantly reinvent the agricultural possibilities of the fertile Rogue Valley.

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Faculty & Staff

Our faculty and staff help thousands of Jackson County residents find answers and solve problems every year, in addition to instructing on-going programs and a selection of season-appropriate classes. Ten faculty and two support staff members work in the Extension Unit. Two scientists, working in entomology, plant pathology and horticulture, are located in the Research Unit.

Recent News

apple harvest - Jefferson Public Radio

Stories Of Southern Oregon: Extending Help To Agriculture

You can live an urban lifestyle in the region, but not in many places.  We're surrounded by open country, much of it farmed. 

And farmers can use a little help every now and then with practices and procedures, which are available from...

Wine Wednesday

Sheep and other wine-growing tips

Since the late 1960s, conducting research into best practices and providing advice to Southern Oregon wine grape producers, known as winegrowers, has been the business of the Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center, a facility of the...

Southern Oregon wines come of age

Southern Oregon wines come of age

Let’s drink a toast to the wine grape industry of southern Oregon. Just over 30 years old, it’s growing fast: between 2010 and 2012, the number of wineries in southern Oregon grew by 24 percent, and the three southern wine-grape-growing regions...

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