Welcome to SOREC

Serving Jackson and Josephine Counties, and surrounding communities in Southern Oregon, Southern Oregon Research & Extension Center (SOREC) enriches the Rogue Valley's agricultural communities. With support from OSU's College of Agricultural Science, we bring cutting-edge research to our beautiful valley.

Who is SOREC

Specializing in horticulture, soil science, entomology, and plant pathology, the researchers at SOREC focus on key agricultural industries and supportive science to address concerns for the Southern Oregon bioregion. Currently, field research focuses on pears, vineyard grapes, and hemp. SOREC research is also looking towards current and future needs of farmers, ranchers, and viticulturists across issues of soil health, water use, and climate adaptation. Learn more about our team here.


Supporting Southern Oregon

Since 1911, researchers at SOREC have provided vital scientific support to commercial agricultural businesses and hobbyist gardeners alike. Across 81 acres, we continue in that proud tradition of serving our community by providing research insights, as well as an array of services available to regional businesses and community members.

Current Projects

Hemp Research

Viticulture Research

grapes on the vine

Plant Pathology Research

Eradicating Vine Mealybug in Oregon

Purple grapes on the vine

"Winegrowers Association (OWA) partnered with Oregon State University, the Oregon Department of Agriculture, and industry associations to secure $447,100 in emergency state funding to help contain and eradicate vine mealybug (VMB) in Southern Oregon." Read more.

Protecting Hemp from Heat Waves

Wildfire smoke makes the sky eerily orange near East Fork Cultivars

"In extreme heat conditions, hemp leaves droop and fold up in a protective measure. If the stress is not mediated, they will yellow and become crisp." Read more.

Managing Grapevine Trunk Disease

grapevine trunk with disease

"Grapevine Trunk Diseases (GTDs) in Oregon Vineyards: A Pilot Project on Epidemiology and Management." Read more.

Improving Drought Resilience

Irrigation of a Hay Field at SOREC

"Researchers and water conservation engineers say it will take modernization of both the irrigation districts' infrastructure and farmers' irrigation systems to effectively reduce water expenditure." Read more.

Support SOREC

Southern Oregonians have a long tradition of supporting each other and our vital agricultural economy. By investing in SOREC with a donation or endowment gift, you can help build the Rogue Valley's future for generations to come. Help support SOREC today!