Editing Personal Profile

Login to Drupal

1) Go to your unit homepage.

2) Scroll down to the black footer area of the page.  There is a subtle green lock icon in the footer, just above the social icons and copyright. Click on this icon.

3) Enter your ONID user information.

Edit Employee Profile

1) Login to Drupal.

2) Click on your name in the top right corner.

3) On your profile page, click the Profiles tab.

4) See each tab to edit information:

- OSU Employee is contact information specific to your current position (phone, office)
- OSU Person is information about you as a person that does not change if you change positions (name, email, picture, publications)
- OSU Student is for information specific to students (degree, major professor)
- Agricultural Sciences is where you can say if you accept graduate students
- OSU Faculty is for Vitae type information

5) After you've made changes, click Save on the bottom of each tab.

Information under My Publications and My Awards can be managed through Digital Measures.

OSU Digital Experience has also created a tutorial providing a detailed explanations of the editing tabs.