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Resources For Traveling

All employees are required to register university-related international travel with the university and adhere to OSU's International Travel Policy. International travel is registered with the university by creating a "pre-trip request" for international travel in Concur. Please ensure that you have carefully reviewed the information available on the International Travel home page which provides an overview of international travel policies and processes as well as resources and benefits for travelers.

Travel Policies

Booking Travel:

  • Submit a pre-trip request and wait for approval before booking travel.
  • OSU Employees (non-student) have three options when booking travel:
  • To ensure full coverage from OSU’s Travel Insurance Program, OSU must have your detailed itinerary. If you book through Concur or CTP, your itinerary is automatically shared. If you book on your own using your T&E card, be sure to forward your detailed itinerary to the Travel & Expense Office at Travel@oregonstate.edu.
  • Review your air carriers travel policies, download the airline app to your mobile device and turn on notifications to receive real time updates on delays, cancellations and gate changes.
  • Note: It can be useful to know the partner airlines for your selected carrier in the event your flight is cancelled and you need to rebook, particularly while abroad.

Vaccinations and Medications

  • Sign up for a pre-travel consultation with OSU Health Services. The consultations are specific to your health history, destination, potential activities, and the health and safety issues of the destination.
  • Check the vaccines and medications list for your destination on the CDC website.
    • Visit your doctor well in advance of your trip to get any vaccines or medicines you may need.
    • Consider altitude sickness or traveler’s diarrhea medications if relevant.
    • Check if you need proof of vaccination to enter your destination. 
  • If bringing medication:
    • Bring an ample supply to cover you for your trip and a few extra days in case of delays.
    • If relevant, carry a letter from your attending physician that describes the medical condition and any prescription medications.
    • Keep medications in original labeled containers.
    • Check with the foreign embassy of the country you are visiting or transiting through to make sure your medications are permitted in that country.

Passports and Visas

  • Your passport should be valid for at least six months beyond the date of return.
  • Confirm your destination visa and permit requirements.
    • Search the U.S. Department of State website for entry, exit and visa requirements.
    • Work abroad exceeding a few weeks should generally be conducted under appropriate research, academic or business visas, rather than a tourist visa or a visa limited to seminars or professional meetings.
    • Non-U.S. citizens in the U.S. on a visa should confirm re-entry requirements.
    • Note: Some visas can take as long as six months to process.
  • When required for travel, visa fees are payable/reimbursable by OSU.
  • Take a picture of the data page of your passport on your mobile device and upload your passport picture to Box or your email as backup.

Safety and Security

Get To Know Your Destination

  • Weather forecast or seasonal risks.
  • Currency, exchange rates and ability to use credit cards.
  • Closest international airport and major airline carriers. 
  • Access to potable water.
  • Internet and cellphone access.
  • Appropriate cultural norms and etiquette. 
  • Language services (if needed).
  • Outlets/voltage for electronics by country.
  • Key historical events. 
  • Current geopolitical climate. 
  • Holidays and festivals during visit.
  • Visit the Learn About Your Destination website.

Miscellaneous Travel Resources

OSU Global Events