Get to Know Our Executive Board!

Wanda Crannell, Faculty Advisor

158 Strand Agricultural Hall
Oregon State University
Corvallis, OR 97331-2911
(541) 737-2999

Meet Wanda: Wanda is our fearless advisor. She serves as an amazing mentor to both the MANRRS and SACNAS chapters, in addition to her job as an academic advisor for the BioResource Research major within the College of Agricultural Sciences. Wanda is always willing to answer questions the team has about the organization and how we should plan events. Her wealth of knowledge is incredibly valuable to our success as a chapter!

Charlotte Epps


  • Senior - Sustainability and BioResource Research with options in Sustainable Ecosystems and Plant Growth & Development
  • I am looking forward to strengthening relationships with the officer team and for the opportunity to invite more students into the MANRRS community. I am also looking forward to service learning opportunities and traveling to the regional and national conferences. 

Venecia Rollins

Vice President

  • Senior -  Environmental Engineering and BioResource Research with options in Water Resources and Toxicology.
  • I am looking forward to strengthening the OSU MANRRS community through acts of service and regular study dinner check-ins to make sure everyone is getting the support and community they need and deserve.

Diana Galicia Barajas


  • Senior - Finance
  • I look forward to the opportunities MANRRS will provide and gaining more experience though MANRRS. 

Victoria Flores Parra


  • Junior - Animal Sciences with a Animal BioHealth/Pre-Professional option and a minor in Agricultural and Food Business Management
  • I am looking forward to working with my fellow MANRRS team and enhancing my financial skills.  

Diana Solano Lopez


  • Senior - Human Development Family Sciences (HDFS) with an option in Human Services 
  • As a senior, I am looking forward to the growth of the MANRRS family and continuing within the region 6 chapter. I am excited to be a part of the officer team this year as it’s my last year here at OSU! 

Rhonda Flores Elizondo

Publicity Manager

  • Senior - Animal Science with an option in Production and a minor in Rangeland Sciences
  • I look forward to the networking opportunities that MANRRS offers as well as taking on a leadership role and working closer with the MANRRS team.

David Bugarin Renteria

Community Representative

  • Sophomore- Bioresource Research
  • I am looking forward to improving my public speaking skills through attending outreach events.

Anton Alvarez

(Community Representative)

  • Senior - BioResource Research with options in Biotechnology and Genomics/Bioinformatics
  • I am looking forward to being more involved and strengthening my connections with the MANRRS officer team and graduating this year!