MANRRS offers continuous networking and professional development activities for its members and member institutions, with the pinnacle being the ANNUAL CAREER FAIR AND TRAINING CONFERENCE. This event, held each spring, gathers a multitude of individuals to engage in discussions on diversity in agriculture, natural resources, and related fields. The conference features workshops, keynote speeches by notable figures, and a career fair where employers from agricultural, natural resources, and governmental sectors interact with students and young professionals, offering opportunities for internships and full-time employment.

Starting in 2016, National MANRRS has introduced a new membership registration. The Oregon State University MANRRS Chapter has covered all dues for 2016 for interested OSU students in good standing. Those keen on attending this year's National Conference and aiming to secure their National Membership under the Oregon State University Chapter must complete the membership form through the provided link before the month ends, by Jan. 31st


With the beginning of the 2016 new year, National MANRRS has enacted a new membership link.   The Oregon State University MANRRS Chapter has paid all dues for 2016 for all interested OSU students in good standing.  For all students and professionals interested in attending the National Conference this year and for those students interested in securing their National Members as part of the Oregon State University Chapter, you must complete the membership form via the link below BEFORE the end of the month, Jan. 31st.

Online MANRRS Membership Form - (All Members) - https://www.manrrs.org/registration.  Do this NOW, it is FREE, quick and easy!

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