Vaughn Walton

Professor, Horticultural Entomologist
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Office: 541-740-4149

  • Entomology
  • IPM
  • Biorational pest control agent
  • Biological control
  • Small fruit and tree nut crops

I work on economically important pests, with the aim to provide environmentally sustainable and minimal impact pest management strategies for agriculturalists in Oregon and further afield. Multiple techniques are used in a whole-system approach to obtain sustainable means of production.

In order to obtain this goal, new knowledge obtained from detailed insect physiological, biological, behavioral, ecological and environmental studies are needed. This knowledge is then used to apply treatments timed to occur during periods when pests are at their most vulnerable. These control strategies have historically focused on biological control, mating disruption and conventional synthetic pesticides.

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I accept graduate students for Horticulture
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Pests, Plagues, and Politics


  • Integrated Pest Management, Whole-Systems Focus
  • Biological Control
  • Special Topics
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