The vegetable research farm comprises approximately 170 acres of ground east of the Willamette River in Linn County.  The farm is owned by Oregon State University and operated by the Agricultural Experiment Station and the College of Agricultural Sciences. 

Our mission is to provide the land, facilities and farming service to the College of Agricultural Sciences and assist the individual professors in their pursuit of field plot research.

Our facility provides the land, tractors and implements, irrigation infrastructure, storage space and field lab space necessary to conduct agriculture field trials.  There are approximately 122 acres of plot ground and the facility is used by anywhere from 9 to 14 principle investigators and their support staff and graduate students.  We work with individuals from:

  • Horticulture Department
  • Crop and Soil Science Department
  • Botany and Plant Pathology Departments
  • O.S.U. Extension Service
  • USDA research facility
  • College or Oceanic and Atmospheric Science
  • Environmental Protection Agency

In addition we work cooperatively with the Department of Microbiology and the Department of Fish and Wildlife who have facilities adjoining our site. Together we manage the road system and maintain adjoining ground, additionally they benefit from the use of our equipment.