There are a total of seven wells that serve the irrigation and domestic water needs for the farm.  Three of those wells have been recently upgraded to eliminate the point source contamination and confined space safety issues, and the other four wells should be systematically reworked as funds can be made available.

At the Vegetable Research Farm site there are four main building to serve the needs of the farm staff and researchers.

Farm Lab (4873 sq. ft.)

This building houses offices for the vwegetable breeding and hazelnut breeding project’s as well as the farm staff.  It is the area for processing crops, and the main area for storage of seeds, nuts and project related equipment.  There is a 180 sq. ft. walk in cooler in this building.

2 Equipment Sheds (3456 sq. ft. and 4460 sq. ft.)

These pole barn structures store the tractors, equipment and project related materials.

Pesticide / Potato shop area (2048 sq. ft.)

This building houses the pesticide storage room, farm shop, and potato processing area.  It also contains two smaller walk in coolers of 100 sq. ft. each.

Farm Houses

There are two residence houses at this site which are rented out on a monthly basis to the farm manager and a faculty research assistant.

Miscellaneous buildings

There are three small cinder block buildings of less than 100 sq. ft. each that house the two wells and pumps for this property as well as one that houses a diesel fuel tank.

At the “East Farm” site there are two main buildings:

Hop Building (4021 sq ft.)

This building houses the Hop breeding project’s main office, shop and processing equipment.  It also has a small walk in cooler of 100 sq. ft.

Equipment shed (2040 sq. ft.)

This bulding stores the tractors and equipment associated with the hop breeding program.