IR-4/Specialty Crops Registration

The Specialty Crops Registration Program, located at the North Willamette Research and Extension Center, is part of a network of field research centers throughout the USA that cooperate with the national IR-4 Program, conducting field research trials and laboratory analyses to determine safe levels of pesticides in agricultural food crops, and is the only such center in Oregon. In any given year, we conduct 25 and 35 field residue trials in a wide variety of fruit, vegetable and herb crops, that eventually lead to the establishment of a pesticide registration.  About 80% of the field research in the Specialty Crops Registration Program involves reduced-risk products, IPM-compatible alternatives, and biologically-based products. The main goal of the Program is to provide Oregon growers with the pest control options they need in order to effectively manage crop pests, ensure a stable and safe food supply, and maintain a healthy environment, while ensuring the success and profitability of Oregon farmers.

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