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PNW Weed Management Handbook

The latest information and reference material for weed control practices and herbicides used in Christmas tree production.

PNW Insect Management Handbook

Management information on all major Christmas tree pests.

PNW Plant Disease Management Handbook

Easy to use reference guide. Tip for using this guide: Enter "fir" into search field to find diseases related to all Christmas trees species.

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Mapping your Christmas tree farm using Google Earth Pro

Using the Web to Find Christmas Tree Information

2022 CTRE Abstracts


2021 Heat Dome Information

Tree December 8th, 2021: Oregon Capital Chronicle features an article about the Heat Dome effects on Christmas trees.

December 15th, 2021:Tom Norby, of Trout Creek Farm in Corbett, interviewed for ABC's Good Morning America and discusses the extreme heat of last summer and the Christmas tree industry in Oregon.

December 19th, 2023: "How the Heat Dome Stole Christmas" by reporter Jeva Lange of Heatmap News, a new climate-focused website.