Pesticide Safety Education Program

Oregon's Pesticide Safety Education Program (PSEP) aims to provide high quality, educational offerings in-person and through education materials related to pesticides. We offer WPS and recertification courses, as well as information and resources about pre-license certification.

What trainings do I need?

Worker Protection Standard (WPS)

The WPS is designed to protect and inform agricultural workers and pesticide handlers. Applies to workers and handlers in farms, production forestry, cannabis production, nursery / greenhouses.

For an extensive list and definition of WPS, please click HERE.

Pesticide License Certification

Pre-license Certification: If you plan to apply pesticides in an area other than your private property, you may be required to get certified and licensed in the state of Oregon. Click HERE for more information.

Recertification: For those who hold a pesticide license, you are required to get credits to uphold it. PSEP offers core classes in Agriculture, Forestry, Ornamental / Turf and more, throughout Oregon. Most of our course provide credits to other nearby states. Click HERE for more information.

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