Online Recertification Courses

Our online recertification courses are on-demand, year-round opportunities to earn recertification credits in the comfort of your home or office when YOU need them! You can register at any time and complete on your own schedule. We work closely with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to ensure our content is up-to-date and relevant. Our courses are available online through Professional and Continuing Education (PACE). Click the course titles below to learn more. Register today!

Getting Tough with Pests and Going Soft on Pollinators

More and more people are growing concerned about the impact of pesticides on pollinating insects, and new state and federal regulations around pesticide use on pollinators attempt to address this issue.

This raises the question: Is it possible to go hard on pests and still be soft on pollinators?

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  One Core Credit, Oregon Department of Agriculture

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Zinc Phosphide: Baiting for Belding’s Ground Squirrels in Oregon

Damage caused by Belding's ground squirrels can be significant. Burrows can undermine building foundations and public infrastructure such as roads and dams. Livestock can be injured from stepping in burrow holes, and yield of forage crops can be significantly reduced. In this course you will receive training to use Zinc Phosphide to control Belding's ground squirrels in alfalfa, grass hay, pasture, and related sites in Oregon under a Special Local Need (SLN) label. The SLN label requires all applicators to complete this training before purchasing, mixing or handling the product. This course, developed through a collaborative agreement between the Oregon Department of Agriculture and Oregon State University, fulfills that training requirement.

This course is available to Oregon applicators and those under their direct supervision and will count as two continuing education credits. If you have received training on the Zinc Phosphide SLN prior to January of 2020, this course will be particularly useful to you. The SLN has been revised to provide better protection to applicators and handlers, as well as updated requirements for public safety and wildlife protection. The Special Local Need Label is only allowed in Oregon, applicators cannot use Zinc Phosphide as described in this training in the state of Washington.

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  Two Credits, Oregon Department of Agriculture

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Coming Soon!

Online courses currently in development with expected release by the end of 2020:

  • Introduction to Pest Management: The IPM Approach
  • Pest Identification: The Cornerstone of Every Pest Management Program
  • FIFRA, OAR, ORS, and WPS: The ABC's of Pesticide Law in Oregon
  • ODA and You: Pesticide Licensing, Compliance, and Enforcement in Oregon
  • The Label is the Law: How to Read a Pesticide Label
  • Personal Protective Equipment: PPE is Your BFF
  • Pesticides, Pollinators, and the Planet: Your Role as an Applicator
  • Pesticide Transport, Storage, and Security: Methods to Reduce Risk
  • Pesticide Emergency Response Plans: Make Them Before You Need Them
  • Planning Ahead: Your Pesticide Application Action Plan
 These courses are intended for current applicators in need of recertification credits
Those preparing for the "Laws & Safety" exam or Private Applicator exam. Stay tuned for more information!