Find Tools and Resources Relating to Pesticides, Worker Protection Standard, and Government Agencies

The Pesticide Safety Education Program partners with government agencies across the state to provide the most up-to-date information and resources. Explore the resources below to find agency information, applicator tools, and regulatory information, and educational materials.

Applicator Tools

Pesticide Advisories and Decision Making Tools

Bulletins Live! Two
Search for endangered species advisories that may impact allowable pesticide activities in your area.

ODA Current Issues, Newsletters, and Advisories
Stay up-to-date on the most recent pesticide-related issues, topics, and publications.

Pacific Northwest Insect Management Handbook

Pacific Northwest Pesticide Safety Handbook

Pacific Northwest Plant Disease Management Handbook

Pacific Northwest Weed Management Handbook

Recordkeeping Templates

Designated Representative Form

Respirator Training Recordkeeping

WPS Pesticide Application Recordkeeping
This template fulfills all Oregon and federal recordkeeping requirements for private applicators, including WPS. You can print or download it to your computer.

WPS Worker/Handler Training Record

Certification and Licensing

Extension Services

Crop Production
Find information, articles, and the latest news about crops grown in Oregon.

Find Your Local Extension Office
Locations and contact information for all extension offices throughout Oregon. 

Forests, Woodlands, and Rangelands
Find information on Christmas tree production, wood products, forest management, and more.

Gardening, Lawn & Landscape
Find resources for home vegetable gardening, landscape and lawn care, gardening techniques, and pollinators.

Organic Agriculture
Explore a wide variety of resources, news, and events relating to organic farming.

OSU Plant Clinic
Curry County's Master Gardener offers diagnostic services to help you identify and manage plant diseases and disorders.

Pests, Weeds, and Diseases
Explore topics and news relating to integrated pest management, nuisance wildlife, invasive species, and more.

School IPM
Support and training opportunities for School IPM Coordinators and school staff. 

Small Farms
Support for small farms to achieve economic and environmental sustainability through scaled production and marketing techniques.

Manuals and Fact Sheets

Oregon Department of Agriculture Regulatory Information

Oregon Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA)

Recertification Information

Worker Protection Standard

Oregon State University Resources

Q & A: Remote WPS Trainings

Pesticide Educational Resources

Train-the-Trainer Online Module

WPS Compliance Assistance Library

WPS: Does it apply to you?
Answer a series of questions to determine whether WPS is applicable to your situation.

WPS Training Materials