Kaci Buhl: PSEP Director 

Kaci has coordinated the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC) for ten years, and serves a national leadership role in the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC). Kaci was a Pesticide Investigator at ODA, where she investigated complaints and worked with applicators to improve their practices. Kaci is a licensed Pesticide Consultant with training in entomology, pesticide toxicology, and IPM. Kaci can be reached at Kaci.Buhl@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-8330.


Kathy DeBellis: PSEP Operations Manager

Kathy's academic/professional interests include pesticide safety and administration with emphasis in program/organizational development. She has been involved with Pesticide Recertification courses for over six years. She is also actively involved with various OSU groups: Search Advocate, TRIAD, Student Recognition/Awards, and Leadership Collaborative. Kathy is passionate about Pesticide Safety. Kathy has worked on the Recertification courses  and has her Masters degree in Social Work. Kathy can be reached at Kathy.DeBellis@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-8393.


Daniella Whanger: PSEP Coordinator - Recertification

Daniella Whanger is an OSU alumna with a B.S in Public Health and a B.A. in Spanish. She plans to continue for her Master’s in the near future. She is a bilingual trainer of the Worker Protection Standard. Currently, she is working to coordinate the recertification courses for Oregon pesticide applicators across the state. Daniella can be reached at Daniella.Whanger@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-6257.


Miranda Dudzik: PSEP Outreach Coordinator - Online and Pre-Licensing
Miranda is an OSU alumna with a background in Biology, Chemistry, and Toxicology. She brings to PSEP over a decade of experience in adult education, including online education and curriculum design. Miranda currently develops and coordinates online recertification courses, and is working on a new pre-licensing program to help applicators prepare for their certification exams. She is passionate about creating inclusive and accessible learning opportunities for people of diverse backgrounds, abilities, and native languages. Miranda can be reached at miranda.dudzik@oregonstate.edu or 541-737-0006.


Giovanna Aleman: PSEP Outreach Coordinator - Worker Protection Standard

Giovanna is an OSU alumna with a background in Food Science & Technology. Giovanna splits her time between PSEP and the National Pesticide Information Center (NPIC). As a Pesticide Specialist for NPIC, Giovanna provides science-based pesticide information in English and Spanish. At PSEP, Giovanna coordinates Worker Protection Standard training. Giovanna can be reached at alemang@oregonstate.edu or or 541-737- 2143.


Jen Gervais: Pesticide Safety Educator/Content Creator
Jen has worked in research, education, and science communication for over two decades. She holds Master’s and PhD degrees in wildlife ecology with an emphasis on ecotoxicology. At PSEP, she helps develop training materials. Jen splits her time between PSEP and the National Pesticide Information Center. Jen can be reached at jennifer.gervais@oregonstate.edu or or 541-737-5958.


Kate Hultberg: PSEP Student Intern - Outreach Coordinator 

Kate Hultberg is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Public Health. Her focus in environmental health and health promotion gave her the interest to intern for the Pesticide Safety Education Program and gain experience about worker protection and pesticide safety. Kate is passionate about helping underserved communities improve their quality of life through equitable change and community empowerment. Kate can be reached at OregonstatePSEP@gmail.com or 541-737-5958.
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