Licensed pesticide applicators must be properly trained and certified. The Oregon Department of Agriculture is the licensing body in our state. They require licensees to 1) re-test, or 2) complete continuing education in order to maintain their certification status over time. OSU meets this need and connects the applicator community to the vast expertise in the College of Agricultural Sciences. Together, we aim to protect human health and the environment by providing the best, most engaging, science-based pesticide safety education in the region.

Recertification Events

Recertification events for the 2024-2025 season will be provided in person (as allowable by local public health guidelines) and online as webinars. You can select from different sessions relevant to your industry, or focus on “core” sessions, where we discuss things like regulations, safety, and spill readiness. Each recertification event features a variety of speakers from industry, academia, and government. You’ll hear the latest information from authoritative sources. Click the button below to see our scheduled events:

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Online Courses

We currently offer eight online courses, with many more in development. These courses are always available and can be viewed any time from the comfort of your home or office. They cost $35 per module and offer 1-2 core credits.

   Getting Tough with Pests and Going Soft on Pollinators

    Zinc Phosphide: Baiting for Belding's Ground Squirrels in Oregon

    Introduction to Pest Management: The IPM Approach

    FIFRA, OAR, ORS, and WPS: The ABC's of Pesticide Law in Oregon

    The Label is the Law: How to Read a Pesticide Label


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Online Recertification Courses