Worker Protection Standard

Agricultural workers and pesticide handlers (unlicensed) need to be trained about pesticide safety every 12 months. The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) also requires agricultural employers to provide hand-washing supplies, personal protective equipment, emergency assistance, and more. We offer classes for employers (with two recertification credits) and pesticide handlers, in English and Spanish.

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What is the WPS?

The Worker Protection Standard (WPS) is designed to protect and inform agricultural workers and pesticide handlers in agriculture. WPS requires agricultural employers to inform and protect employees that work on agricultural establishments. This involves hazard communication, decontamination supplies, emergency assistance, personal protection equipment, and more.

Who Must Comply with the WPS?

For a complete list of groups and individuals who are protected by the WPS, including training resources and guidance, visit the Pesticide Educational Resources Collaborative (PERC) Compliance Assistance Library.

PSEP focuses our educational resources and training on Agricultural Handlers and Workers.

Agricultural Employers

Agricultural employers include owners and operators of an agricultural establishment. An agricultural establishment is defined as any farm, forest operation, or nursery engaged in the outdoor or enclosed space production of agricultural plants. Even if you or your immediate family do all of the work, you are a WPS employer. Agricultural establishments include

  • Farms

  • Production forestry

  • Sod farms

  • Orchards

  • Christmas trees

  • Cannabis production

  • Nurseries/greenhouses

Click the button below for more information on WPS employer responsibilities:

Ag Employer Responsibilities

Agricultural Workers

Agricultural workers are any person, including a self-employed person, who is employed and performs activities directly relating to the production of agricultural plants on an agricultural establishment. Click the button below to see a comprehensive list of tasks that apply to agricultural workers protected by the WPS:

Ag Worker Tasks

Agricultural Handlers

Agricultural handlers are any person, including a self-employed person, who is employed and performs any activity where direct contact to the pesticide concentrate may occur. If you are trained as a handler, you can do ALL worker tasks, since the training covers both worker and handler compliance. Click the button below to see a complete definition and comprehensive list of tasks that apply to agricultural handlers protected by the WPS:

Ag Handler Tasks