Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station (OAES) is a statewide research network of Oregon State University scientists working on the Corvallis campus and at branch station facilities throughout the state, all focused on one overarching goal -- to improve life for present and future generations of Oregonians. Our scientists are attached to more than 20 departments within the Colleges of Agricultural Sciences, Science, Veterinary Medicine, Health and Human Sciences, Forestry, and Engineering. 

Reaching Out

Our scientists work with the agriculture/food industry, natural resource entities, and others at the local level and statewide to ensure they are addressing the most pressing and important needs today and far into the future. They also work in internationally recognized centers and institutes that address specific research needs, such as diseases in fish in the Pacific Northwest, and critical natural resource issues.

Sharing Knowledge

The knowledge generated by Station research is taught to students both in the classroom and in the field and shared with research colleagues and stakeholders through a variety of channels, including publishing in print and on the Web. That knowledge is also brought to the community through OSU Extension Service’s outreach and engagement, and input from the community and other stakeholders are fed back to our researchers. The Statewide Public Service programs (OAES and Extension, along with the Forestry Research Laboratory) are the engines helping to rebuild Oregon’s economy.

Serving Oregon

As the state's Land Grant University, Oregon State University was created to serve the needs of the people. State support for higher education was first offered in Oregon in 1868, and permanent adoption of Corvallis College as Oregon’s agricultural college came in 1870.  Agricultural and natural resource programs were offered at that time and have been a vital component of faculty research ever since, focusing on one overarching goal -- to improve life for present and future generations of Oregonians. 

Funding & Support

Money for OAES research comes from several sources. The state general fund provides less than 30 percent of the Station’s annual funding. Over 55 percent comes from research grants and contracts from federal and state agencies, private sources and foundations. Other funds come from product sales and service fees.

People and partnerships are the heart of the Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station research enterprise.  Oregon producers, processors, marketers and our OSU scientists, technicians, support staff and students are critically important to identifying and solving the agricultural research challenges that confront people today.

- Thayne Dutson
  Emeritus Dean, OSU College of Agricultural Sciences
  Emeritus Director, Oregon Agricultural Experiment Station

Branch Experiment Stations (map below)

Station directors coordinate the efforts of scientists based at branch stations and research and extension centers across the state. These far flung branch stations and centers are located in the different soil and climate regimes around the state in order to provide producers with information geared to different growing conditions.

Central Oregon Agricultural Research and Extension Center (COAREC)
Carol Tollefson, Director
Madras & Powell Butte
Focus: Irrigated Crops, alternative crop production, diseases and pests

Coastal Oregon Marine Experiment Station (COMES)
Gil Sylvia, Director
Focus: Production and use of food products from the ocean and estuaries

OSU Seafood Laboratory
Christina DeWitt, Director
Focus: Production and use of food products from the ocean and estuaries

Columbia Basin Agricultural Research Center  (CBARC)
Mary Corp, Director
Pendleton & Moro
Focus: Dryland cereal cropping systems, tillage and soil management, alternative crops

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (EOARC)
David Bohnert, Assoc. Director
Focus: Rangelend ecology, livestock management, wildlife

Eastern Oregon Agricultural Research Center (EOARC)
David Bohnert, Director
Focus: Rangelend ecology, livestock management, wildlife

Food Innovation Center (FIC)
Dave Stone, Director
Focus: Food procession and packaging technology, food product development and marketing, consumer analysis

Hermiston Agricultural Research and Extension Center (HAREC)
Phil Hamm, Director
Focus: Irrigated crops, cereals and forage production

Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center (KBREC)
Brian Charlton, Interim Director
Klamath Falls
Focus: Potatoes, forage and cereal production

Malheur Experiment Station (MES)
Clint Shock, Director
Focus: Irrigated field crops, vegetable production, weed control

Mid-Columbia Agricultural Research and Extension Center (MCAREC)
Steve Castagnoli, Director
Hood River
Focus: Pear, cherry and apple production, postharvest storage and handling, integrated production practices

North Willamette Research and Extension Center (NWREC)
Michael Bondi, Director
Focus: Ornamental and nursery crops, small fruits and vegetable production

Southern Oregon Research and Extension Center (SOREC)
Richard Roseberg, Director
Central Point (Medford area)
Focus: Tree fruits, vegetable and seed crop production, integrated production practices