Slug Activity Predictor

Slug Activity Predictor - Real Time and 3 Day Forecast

Welcome to the Slug Activity Predictor! he Slug Activity Predictor is an online tool developed by OSU students in 2016 to help growers predict expected daily slug activity in grasses grown for seed using real-time weather data (provided by Yahoo's API), in order to make effective decisions on treatment timing and sampling. The Predictor also forecasts weather 3 days after the date of inquiry. Slugs are most active above ground at night, but can feed and reproduce by day when the plant canopy is closed, during high humidity and during rainy or foggy periods; or after supplemental irrigation. Remember that bait treatments are most effective during the first 24 hours, so timing is essential for good control.

Note: the 3-day predicted forecast is based on mean temperature of the high and the low.

What they like

  • 100% humidity
  • Negligible wind <5mph
  • Cracks and crevices
  • Surface debris
  • Temp 40 - 70°F (60°F)
  • Light rain and fog
  • Dark & shady; overcast
  • Acidic soils & clay
  • Cotyledons and seedlings
  • Banana splits

What they don't like

  • Dry conditions
  • Winds > 5-10 mph
  • No hiding places
  • Lack of surface debris/straw
  • Temp < 34°F, > 85°F
  • Driving rain
  • Sunlight
  • Lime | sand
  • Less so established plants
  • Salt