The Agricultural Sciences major prepares students to become leaders, communicators, and educators to meet the demands of 21st century agriculture, and those served by it.

Vision and Mission

  • Prepare career-ready leaders and communicators in agriculture for careers in the agricultural sciences, and to be leaders and advocates for the agricultural industry.

  • Prepare energetic, effective, and qualified teachers for 21st century secondary agricultural education programs.

  • Guide and influence rigorous professional development of agriculture teachers.

  • Create new knowledge about teaching and learning in agricultural education broadly defined.

  • Guide students toward critical thinking and career preparation within leadership, agricultural education, communication, and agricultural sciences.

  • Create openings for students to explore general agriculture and build life/work skills that will further the industry.

  • Maintain a student-centered culture and environment that develops the technical, social, and leadership skills of students.

  • Recognize and honor the diverse talents, needs, and capabilities of our students.

  • To contribute substantially to the overall mission of the college and university.