Our Graduate Degrees


The Department of Agricultural Education & Agricultural Sciences offers two graduate degrees: a master’s degree in Agricultural Education and a Ph.D. in Education, with a focus in Agricultural Education. The master’s degree in agricultural education is accelerated one-year, 45-credit degree in agricultural education and also includes Oregon teacher licensure. The Agricultural Education doctoral option involves a Ph.D. degree in Education, with a focus in Agricultural Education. 

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What is Agricultural Education?

Agricultural education combines leadership development, experiential learning, and classroom instruction to teach others the importance of agriculture, food, and natural resources. Agricultural educators teach (both formally and informally) these subjects using a variety of content areas such as science, communication, leadership, math, and technology. A person who receives a degree in Agricultural Education is not solely locked into teaching. Potential occupations also include lobbyist, professional faciliator, industry communication director, and Extension work.

Why Study Agricultural Education at Oregon State? 

Although our department is small, our faculty represent nearly 40 years of combined secondary agriculture teaching experience and provide our students with purposeful and personable guidance and one-on-one mentoring, whether you are wanting to pursue a master's degree or Ph.D. degree. Oregon State has the only agriculture teacher education program in the state of Oregon and provides graduate students the chance to interact and collaborate with Oregon FFA Association, Oregon Agriculture Teacher's AssociationOSU Agricultural Education Club, OSU Extension, and other partners.

Today, more and more people are generationally and geographically removed from agriculture, which is why agricultural education is so needed. In fact, there is currently a national shortage of agriculture teachers. Agricultural educators can teach others how agriculture and natural resources can impact the economy, environment, legislation, and food supply/security. 

Study agricultural education at Oregon State and help teach others about the most vital industry which not only fuels and clothes us, but bring us all together at the dinner table: agriculture.

Where Do Our Graduates Go? 

Receiving a graduate degree in agricultural education paves a clear path to certification of secondary school/university-based agricultural education instructors. However, an agricultural education degree can be utilized for a variety of careers. Some of our graduate students are:

-High school agriculture teachers/FFA advisors

-Extension educators

-Agricultural professors/instructors

-State/Federal agency representatives

-Agricultural Literacy Coordinators

-Working in production agriculture


-Community College instructors/judging coaches

-Agricultural industry management leaders

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