Ecampus Students

Ecampus Online Orientation For Newly Admitted Students:

If you have been admitted to OSU as an Ecampus student and plan to pursue the Agricultural Sciences major online, your next step is to complete the Ecampus online orientation within Canvas. The orientation link and a step-by-step guide can be found here once you select your student type.

Once your online orientation has been completed, an academic advisor in the department will be automatically notified and will reach out to you directly to schedule your orientation to the Agricultural Sciences major. Be aware that you will need access to a computer with internet for this orientation to the major appointment (mobile devices are not recommended) as you will discuss:

  • the requirements and details of the Agricultural Sciences degree 
  • your transfer work (as applicable) 
  • how to navigate OSU's various online tools and student portals
  • how/what to register for

Ecampus students do not attend the Corvallis-based START Orientation Program. The Canvas online orientation is the Ecampus START.

Late Admit?

Occasionally your admit paperwork/transcripts may be finalized late and can impact your transition and start at OSU. If you are being admitted a few days prior, or after the term has started, it is strongly recommended to change your admit term to a future term (general recommendation is the following term.) You can discuss the best course of action related to your goals with the academic advisor in the department.

Registration Information:

  1. Each term, you will need a registration PIN number (except summer term), which will be issued from your advisor. Check your OSU email frequently so you can follow reminders related to registration and PIN number retrieval protocol each term. 
  2. Keep in mind, OSU is on a quarter system. Registration begins around week 7 (out of a 10 week term) for the FOLLOWING term. However, you will know your registration day and time as early as week 4.
  3. Registration is based upon earned credit. You will have a specific day and priority time to register. Please check your priority registration each term to determine when you are able to register for courses. You can also follow this link for more detailed instructions. 
  4. If you desire an advising appointment with your advisor, you will want to schedule ahead of your registration day and time. 
  5. MyDegrees is a good starting point to view what is remaining in your degree program. There is not a typical year-by-year in the major because of so many variable classes.

How to Prepare for your Advising Appointment:

  1. Log onto MyDegrees (found on your OSU student portal), and view your degree progress; Note what is remaining, both course requirements and overall credits (including upper division, seen at the very bottom of the page).
  2. Jot down questions - bring them with you!
  3. Prepare a list of classes you may be interested in registering for (including backups). Remember that your Agricultural Sciences elective credits can come from pre-approved departments within our college. Use the Ecampus Schedule of Classes to view what is available each term, checking for pre-reqs and any other restrictions.

Setup an Advising Appointment:

Please refer to our department advising page for more detailed information on scheduling an advising appointment.

NOTE: If you are a newly admitted Ecampus student, please rest assured that our office will contact you to set up your first-time advising appointment and we ask that you do not set up an appointment on your own. If you have questions or do not know who your advisor is, please contact us at 541-737-2661 or at