Frequently Asked Questions

Tools which are provided for greenhouse use include carts, wheelbarrows, brooms, shovels, dustpans, and hoses. We also provide our users with stations for washing pots, mixing media, potting up, and washing roots. GOPS stocks and makes applications of all chemicals needed for pest control. Users supply their own pots, plants, media, grow lights, as well as any additional materials and tools needed for the project. Contact ghtechs@oregonstate.edu for assistance sourcing specialty materials.

A policy has been established for space allocations for the East and West Greenhouses. An individual researchers in need of space should review the full space allocation policy. In general assignment of space at the East and West Greenhouses to a specific user departments/units resides with the Associate Dean. Department assignments of greenhouse space to their primary users are the responsibility of the department’s Head/Chair or another designated party. Space allocations that involve realignment from historical department assignments are reviewed by the Greenhouse Manager and the Greenhouse Advisory Committee (GAC) for a recommendation to approve or not the change to the Associate Dean. The Associate Dean will coordinate the permanent change with the respective Heads/Chairs and GAC representatives. Agreements that circumvent the GAC and Managers’ right to review will not be recognized by the Dean’s office. Permanent change is defined as assignments lasting more than six months and will be recorded by the Manager as such for usage fee responsibilities. Short-term assignments (for periods less than six months) may be arranged by informal coordination with the assigned Primary User and the requesting party and shared with the greenhouse Manager. Regardless of space use, the designated department and their assigned Primary User are responsible for the annual usage fee for greenhouse space. If you have further questions about space allocations contact the greenhouse manager for assistance.

The Worker Protection Standard, or WPS, is a federal regulation mandated by the EPA which is designed to protect workers from agricultural pesticides. In Oregon, the WPS is enforced by OR-OSHA. Any agricultural facility which uses EPA registered pesticides must comply with the WPS. Employers of agricultural workers covered by WPS are required to give WPS training to all workers before they perform work and once per year thereafter. The OSU East and West Greenhouses are WPS-compliant facilities. Workers in the greenhouses can register for a WPS training session online. http://oregonstate.edu/training/course_list.php?cat_id=47

OSU Greenhouse Operations keeps two different media mixes available for purchase by greenhouse users. To purchase bagged media, contact Greenhouse Operations (ghtechs@oregonstate.edu) with your index/account code and how much you wish to purchase. Metro Mix #840 PC is composed of medium weight ingredients which provide optimum air porosity and water holding capacity. Sunshine LA4-P is a peat-perlite-pumice growing mix for all greenhouse crops in cell packs through gallons. It is appropriate for a wide range of crops including bedding plants, annuals, perennials, vegetables and herbs especially where additional weight is desired. Please contact ghtechs@oregonstate.edu to view the full technical specification sheet for each mix. Greenhouse Operations also stocks vermiculite, perlite, and sand. If your research requires a large volume of field soil or a specially formulated mix, Greenhouse Operations can coordinate delivery and storage.