Welcome to the OSU Slug Portal, an informational reference to slugs in the Pacific Northwest. Slug Portal is a website designed by Oregon State University students and faculty as part of a capstone project to help farmers, agronomists, crop consultants, and researchers understand and manage slugs; extend knowledge on slug biology and behavior; provide information that will forecast slug activity; and provide decision-making tools to assist in effective management strategies.

We strive to improve crop production through slug research and education.  If you have any comments or questions, please Contact Us.

In The News

European red slug

Invasive slugs and snails are not only troublesome for gardeners – they cause millions of dollars’ worth of damage to crops every year. Ecologist Rory Mc Donnell is on a mission to find evidence-based ways to get rid of these pesky gas...

One slug relative, the garlic snail, gets its name from the garlic-like odor it emits when disturbed, says Rory McDonnell, an entomologist at Oregon State University.



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