Oregon Agriculture Food and Fiber: An Economic Analysis 2021

For more than 20 years the Oregon State University’s College of Agricultural Sciences has partnered with the Oregon Department of Agriculture to produce and update an analysis and report of the economic impact of agriculture in the state. 

We are pleased to present the 2021 economic impact report which underscores the vital role agriculture and the food system play in the health of Oregon’s economy and its communities.

More than 531,000 jobs are associated with the agriculture, food and fiber industry with a total farmgate production of $5.5 billion and overall economic impact from the food system of $42 billion. It is a part of our culture and our values in Oregon. 95% of our farmland is family held and 60% of all private land in Oregon is used for farming. In addition, the global reach of our agricultural system continues to grow, with exports up 25% since 2015. 

Agriculture is not only the backbone of our economic and social identity but it is a source of innovation and creativity with more sustainable farming and ranching practices and new foods and products being developed constantly as we source from the 225 agricultural commodities produced in Oregon. 

This detailed report is a resource for policy makers and the public to better understand the economic value and importance of agriculture and our food system in Oregon. When we invest in the future of a resilient and sustainable agricultural system, we invest in a vision to make tomorrow better. 

2021 Economic Impact Report (PDF)