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$116 million in grants awarded



512 proposals submitted



$109 million in research expenditures



20 inventions licensed
12 patents filed


Recent Notable Awards

Tiffany Garcia

Tiffany Garcia with Fisheries, Wildlife, and Conservation Sciences received $2.9M from the National Science Foundation to research the prediction of transformation of emergent freshwater networks under variable climate regimes.

Scientist man standing with cereal grass

Chris Mundt with Botany and Plant Pathology received $2.5M from the National Science Foundation to investigate long distance dispersal and disease spread under increased ecological complexity.

Lisa Ballance, director of the Marine Mammal Institute, stands among the bones of a blue whale. Photo by Ellie Lafferty, Oregon State University.

Lisa Ballance with the Marine Mammal Institute received $2M from the Department of Energy to perform baseline data collection on cetaceans and seabirds in the outer continental shelf and slope of Northern California and Oregon to inform offshore wind energy development.

Recent Inventions

USDA Blackberries 'Celestial', 'Zodiac', and 'Thunderhead'

Inventors: Chad Finn, Michael Hardigan
Berry Crops Production Systems Program

OR2130755 Nimbus Wheat

Inventors: Chris Mundt, Andrew Ross, Robert Zemetra
Wheat Research Program

Hibiscus syriacus ‘ORSTHIB5x1’

Inventor: Ryan Contreras
Ornamental Plant Breeding Program

Tri-State Potato 'Becca Rose'

Inventors: Brian Charlton, Vidyasagar Sathuvalli Rajakalyan
Potato Breeding Program

Philadelphus ‘ORSTPHILx1’

Inventor: Ryan Contreras
Ornamental Plant Breeding Program

Hazelnut 'Thompson'

Inventors: Rebecca McCluskey, Shawn Mehlenbacher, David Smith, Jacob Snelling
Hazelnut Breeding Program

USDA Red Raspberry 'Finnberry'

Inventors: Chad Finn, Michael Hardigan
Berry Crops Production Systems Program

'IH13022' Hop Variety ('Luminosa')

Inventor: Michael Shaun Townsend
Aroma Hop Breeding Program

Barley Varieties 'Successor', 'Lontra', and 'Flex'

Inventors: Tanya Filichkin, Scott Fisk, Patrick Hayes, Laura Helgerson
Barley Breeding Program

Vaccinium ovatum 'Cascade Jewel'

Inventor: Ryan Contreras
Ornamental Plant Breeding Program

Styrax japonicus ‘ORSTSTYx1’

Inventors: Ryan Contreras, Ivory Knutson, Cara Still
Ornamental Plant Breeding Program



In The News

hammerhead shark

Celebrating Shark Week!

It's officially shark week! Research Associate from OSU's Big Fish Lab, Dr. Alexandra McInturf, helped us celebrate and appreciate these often-...

Rows of blackberries grow at Oregon State University's North Willamette Research and Extension Center. On the left managed with a new-over-old style, on the right was managed in the traditional August training method. Photo: Kyle Odegard/Capital Press

Less management, more yield for Oregon blackberry growers

Farmer wisdom on blackberry maintenance — or the lack thereof — is being backed with evidence.Many growers are turning to “new-over-old”...

Kwame Stephenson and Alex McBean

KBREC Hosts Jamaican Student Interns

The Klamath Basin Research and Extension Center (KBREC), a research and experimental station of Oregon State University welcomes two students...

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