Sustainable Onion Production

C.C. Shock, N.E. Cheatham, J.L. Harden, A.C. Mahony, B.M. Shock

When it comes to growing onions, proper and timely care is vital given the vast number of fertilization, nutrient management, tillage, and irrigation practices available to producers today. Agricultural sustainability is the idea of creating the most positive results, while reducing negative impacts. It encompasses three purposes: to maintain and advance lasting environmental, social, and economical practices.

While sustainability is inherently complex and multifaceted, the overall goal of sustainability is to practice management methods that are safe, healthy, fruitful, and can stand the test of time. To practice total agricultural sustainability is to employ all three aspects. This sustainable onion production website contains information regarding the best growing practices that can produce beneficial, efficient, and long-lasting results.


Onion Production Practices